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About the Site
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The History

Kate's side
This is how it all went down for me. (Kristie will tell her half later. ME FIRST! haha =D )
I was looking at the pictures of me and Steph Seymour (Not the underwear model!) wearing the Pikachu and Ash Ketchum mask. And it hit me...Pokemon are hot. Hey, I should make a Pokemon Porno. Of course, the first person I tell is Kristie. So, we talked about it, blah blah. And then today (Dec. 20th [first day of the site being made too] 2006) I told Kristie about my Charmeleon idea, after she talked about the Pikachu mask... "You want me to do what?!" haha. Anyways... yes...then Kristie said, "Hey, we should make a website!"
So here I am, wasting my time to enertain your puny little brains. BE ENTERTAINED!! And remember... Charizard has the biggest pokemon dick. I don't care about Wailmer. Charizard has it!!

Kristie's Side

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